Social Media Management

SMM is the backbone to build brand awareness. Coupled with SEO, PPC, and Community Management, you hold in your hand the keys to online presence, lead generation and your brand success. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows to convert social media campaign sale leads into different segments. By mapping out their interactions and assigning them to each stage of your marketing funnel, you can then target each user – based on their previous actions – with marketing messages designed to move them closer to a conversion.

Chatbot A.I.

Chatbot allows an artificial intelligence to conduct a conversation via predefined algorithms. Chatbot programs operate 24/7 generating instant and tailored reply to your customers. Chatbot increase our conversion, retention and lead generation rates.

Portfolio & Asset Management

From finding you the perfect brick-and-mortar investment, to developing a portfolio of rental investments, our network of contacts focuses on obtaining you the best return on investment.

Online Store and Website

As human being, we all appreciate beauty, we rarely stop by on unappealing sights. The same principle applies to online stores and websites, curb appeal is primordial to convert your traffic into customers.

Visual Design & Video

Pictures and videos are the ideal mean of communication to spark your audience’s curiosity and tease their attention. Centered around the story and not the sale, visual communications showcase your brand identity and authenticity. Visual content is the key to building trust.

Affiliate Marketing

We generate quality leads for your business by targeting specific segment appealed by your products and services. Our hybrid deals mix CPA and revenue share offering a possibility to streamline your acquisition process and manage your cost effectively.

Talent Management

Our international experience in talent management allows us to grasp your business needs. We specialize in increasing the viability and revenue streams for social media influencers by maximizing deals, partnerships and sponsoring contracts.